Blue Apple has developed an Integrated National Technology Blueprint that will assist in the development of engineering frontier for Nigeria. There are three modules in the blueprint. One is to harness innovative ideas and inventions through a platform called Hands and Brain Innovative Technology Summit, HaBITS.

HaBITS seeks to close the gap between;

  1. Prototype and Commercialization
  2. Invention and Investor
  3. Academic and Industry

Hundreds of prototypes dumped in our institutions of higher learning would be showcased for investors’ examination and scrutiny for adoption.  Thus, we seek to partner with a wide array of professional and expertise organizations and companies to achieve this. Kindly fill out the form if you wish to be a part of this innovative initiative to harness our technology. There are two forms to fill. One is for professionals and organizations who would be engaged in the process of product commercialization and the second is for inventors or prototype owners who intends to commercialize their product.


Professionals Application Form

Describe in detail what you do

Prototype Owners/Inventors Form

After submitting the form, please come back here to upload pictures of your Prototype (for Inventors only)

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    Partner: NOTAP