Blue Apple has been providing service excellence and innovation in the field of Engineering Science, Information and Communication Technology, Media Communications, Training and the promotion of Standards and Innovative Tech Summit since 2007.

The drive to achieve excellence, think for others and proffer useful solutions to day-to-day needs and engineering problems motivated us to constantly strive to offer cutting-edge engineering solutions to industry leaders and young entrepreneurs that are under competitive advantage to reduce operational cost, increase productivity and maintain if not increase its market shares.


Our core responsibilities to our clients are to enhance operational efficiency, create adaptable system and processes, and design service procedures for optimum production through appropriate software and technology deployment. We are a vendor to ICT gadgetry.

Our Engagements

We utilize the backbone on our information capital to publish news, articles, journals, etc, thus harnessing our full potentials in information management. Blue Apple is the owner of Engineers’ Forum, a media communication outfit that publishes current information on engineering science and technology.

It offers training on trending innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Drones, Web Programming, Coding, Cyber Security, Blockchain Technology etc. It is also the promoter of the National Engineering Science and Technology Essay Competition, NESTEC, Blue Apple Tech Hub Academy and  Hands and Brain Innovative Technology Summit, HaBITS.

Through it’s subsidiary National Engineering Codes and Standards Group, NECSG, its creates awareness to Standards among school children and young  professionals.

Blue Apple facilitates IEC-Young Professionals Programme for IEC-Nigerian National Committee. The programme is to train Electrical and Electronics Engineering Professionals as mentors who will train mentees to participate in IEC National and Technical Committees with the intention of improving the transfer of technologies and experiences.


Our Team

Our team is made of seasoned engineers, software developers, arts technologists and technocrats. We deliver to you hard and soft.